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Michael Amaral

Raised on Oahu I've always had a passion for art, music, and painting. In high school I discoverd graffiti and have been painting ever since.
In 2011 I joined the Navy and am proud to say I've have served all around the world.  
I was introduced to tattooing in 2016 through mutual friends and never looked back. Opening Coral City Tattoo in 2021. 
When I'm not in the water surfing or fishing, I am tattooing or drawing at Coral City Tattoo. I prefer to work on Japanese, Polynesian, script lettering, and Traditional bright and bold styles.
-Mike (Owner/Artist)

Michael Amaral Coral City Tattoo Owner and Artist
Artist: Headliner
Artist: Pro Gallery

John Alefaio

Having begun drawing as a small child in his native Tuvalu, John is a professional tattoo artist who also carves, paints on canvas and any other surface he see fit.
John spends a lot of time in the water fishing and finds inspiration from life in the Pacific islands: the sea, the land and the sky.
Having been a tattoo artist for over 20 years, his artistic style range brings him from the Polynesian and Micronesian styles to contemporary American and more "western" style tattooing.

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Artist: Headliner
Artist: Pro Gallery

Donovan Pak

The youngest artist at Coral City Tattoo, Donovan is eager to learn and do the best that he can! Drawing inspiration from anime he would watch as a child, his style matches his roots with a western influence. Donovan aims to specialize in anime and Japanese style tattooing, however, he's open to anything that comes his way.

Artist: Headliner
Artist: Pro Gallery

Ruzel Aldos

Tattooing is my passion. I work in multiple different styles specializing in realism black and grey and color. I'd love to hear your ideas.
I love to hike, fish, bike , and draw charcoal portraits in my free time.

Artist: Headliner
Artist: Pro Gallery

Contact Us

1704 Kanakanui Street unit 2
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

1 808 845 0726

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